Saturday, December 9

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By request of Sean C. i have posted a new section to the site. The wallpapers will contain various wallpapers i have created from my photography. Thanks for the interest Sean!

I’m getting published! I’ve known about it for some time, but the book, Nature’s Pallete, comes out in April 2002. If you want to see the photo now, or if you want to order the book, you can go here The photo will be in another anthology pulished by the same people, and released in August.

Mark Horne at mentioned me in his blog. Thanks Mark. I knew Mark back when he was just a student at Covenant Theological Seminay here is Saint Louis. He worked at my school, as a security guard. We used to have long talks about theology. We dissagreed a lot, but he’s an ok guy.

The jan2002 photo gallery is now online. I shot these photo’s with Ilford Delta Pro 400 bw, on the 19th of January. The photo’s were of Soulard in downtown Saint Louis.

My website is new… you will notice the new colors, if you’ve been here before. Just in case you are interested, this site was designed using XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.0. This is a table-less layout, thus, if you are using a 4.0 browser, it probably isn’t going to show up correctly. To upgrade your browser you can go to Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 6.2, or Opera 6.01. Be looking for updates to the photography section, and the addition of new galleries to document my 2002 photo essay.

i just spoke to Meg, author of she was working, so i left her alone. her web cam isn’t working…

you know, you think your a decent photographer, not great, but not bad either. then you find someone who is just better than you, and it puts everything in perspective.…

It is coming together, finally… I spent all day today working on recovering our production database at work. sybase is a pain to work with sometimes.

My head is begining to hurt from messing with VBScript and ASP code. I’m going home…

I’m at borders, thinking about C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters. Specifically, chapter 12, where Screwtape lectures Wormwood on how to get his subject into a state of do a whole lot of nothing. Lately i’ve been thinking about the whole concept of having a “sound mind”, and what it means to think ‘soundly’. The same issue is echoed in the verse that talk about being ‘sober’ minded. Just thinking at all is dangerous to the enemy. It is one of our best weapons in spiritual warfare. Lewis speaks about that issue in the twelvth letter. Beware a lazy mind, for more…

interesting reading list from Matthew Haughey found at Most notable the 6th item, Understanding Comics. I personally have never read it, but i’m thinking about it. looks interesting anyway.

Has anyone ever heard of I stumbled upon them while surfing They provide ASP hosting and they seem to be very good. The price is one of the best i’ve seen on the net, and what they provide in terms of components available is is outstanding.

I love the internet. The sheer quantity and quality of the resources is unparalleled in any other medium. is a great place for reference when working with just about any web technology out there.

Well, the end of the day is fast approaching… i promised myself i would post my new site by then. i still have to get the photo section completed. scanning photo’s isn’t any fun at all, and i have 28 left. oh well… When i started out converting my site to a tabless design, Eric Costello’s was the best resource i found. So if your just getting started with CSS, check him out.

Greetings all, this is my first entry in my first weblog. :) I have spent the last several hours getting my design down the way i like it. I will be using this blog to list resources about web development and photography mostly, and whatever cool comes across my path, so read, enjoy and thanks…

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