Thursday, May 23

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heal me father, for i suffer i am in sore distress lay your cooling touch upon my troubled brow bestow peace unsurpassing upon the turmoil of my heart — 4/10/10 – 143

pour out your soul, my brother and let the rich effusive emotion spread out upon the sacrificial stone. embrace the whirlwind, my brother the shifting maelstrom of change until completed you emerge the man you were meant to be. — 4/9/10 – 141 #favorite

the rush and press of kind strangers fill the hours with questions, and practiced replies. getting to know the world in which you live and all its inhabitants is a pleasure i would not let pass me by — 4/4/10 – 135

potential paths reveal themselves glittering in the summer sun converging prospects to be taken or denied till at last a culmination and just one path before you lies — 3/31/10 – 130 #poetry

it was innervating the rush, the blood pumping a mind sharp and focused you don’t feel the pain just the heat radiating off your chest — 3/26/10 – 125

animate ideas living, breathing, pulsing charged and causing change dynamic particles cascading into people and places — 3/25/10 – 124

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