Saturday, May 18


Rufus: The Interactive Javascript Regular Expression Evaluator

An DHTML regex evaluator built in javascript.

King James Bible with Strongs Dictionary

An AJAX implimentation of the KJV Bible with Strongs integration. The Reference
lookup is brittle, I’ll have to work on the parsing. But there it is, for what its
worth. Go here for the Bible. Thanks again to Jens Grabner and the Zefania XML Bible Markup Language Project for supplying the rough XML I used as a base for the web app.

Javascript Bible Reference Parsing Object

As a part of the KJV Bible project above, I’ve coded a rather brittle bible reference object. I have asked for help coding the object, and have had some interest, but no responses yet. You can download my implimentation of the bible reference parsing object here.
Further updates will be noted in this space, as well as implimentations by generous souls who don’t mind me hosting the solution. Thanks to all!


(a long time ago a friend of mine did a few recordings and i put them up here)

O Holy Night, in Karaoke performed by Root
White Christmas, in Karaoke performed by Root
Legend of Zelda Theme Music performed by Root