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Free Verse
Prayer in Distress

heal me father, for i suffer i am in sore distress lay your cooling touch upon my troubled brow bestow peace unsurpassing upon the turmoil of my heart — 4/10/10 – 143

Goings On, eek, ack, uck, and urk.

Its been a dizzying few weeks. All sorts of emotionally stretching activities. Being an entrepreneur is emotionally hard. ;) at least, at first.So. the ads at have been up since last Friday. it has been almost a week, and I have received two email inquiries (from the knot i…


Boing Boing: Mind-opening lectures on the physiology of stress Stanford’s Dr. Robert Sapolsky is a specialist in the physiology of stress, and two of his sterling lectures are available gratis through the iTunes music-store.