Wednesday, July 24


  1. This is my niece Christine, the daughter of my older brother Jeremy. This is probably the best photo of a person i’ve ever taken, and among my best black and white photos.

  2. Christine Wall on

    This is really odd. My name is the same as this little girl’s. It is a very nice photo. Did your brother approve of you putting her picture on your site? Just curious because it seems to be a dangerous thing to do.

  3. Christine Wall on

    Hello to another Christine Wall – I’m from Australia – just curious to see who else has the same name.Lovely picture!
    Cheers- Christine

  4. As the mother of this little girl, I’m quite proud of Jason for taking such a wonderful picture of her and we have given Jason permission to put such photos on the internet. She has changed a bit since then (it was 2 yrs ago), but I still believe this is the best picture ever taken of her.

  5. Christine wall on

    another Christine Wall in the UK. shame i dont look as lovely as the photo!!!!!!!!!!!!