Monday, June 17

So the real question is… just who exactly is the OGC and what do they have to do with me? That’s a good question. If you are involved in GIS then the OGC may pertain to you. Like the W3C they produce standards for the GIS community. And like any standards organization, they fight an uphill battle getting people to adhere to those standards.

The OGC is very focused in what it is trying to accomplish. There are large databases of geospatial data that are not accessable to most people because many times there is no gateway and those that do have a gateway, like a web mapping service, have no way of determining how to talk to it. According to the OGC, this is their primary mission and goal. Providing specifications for building interfaces, so that multiple web mapping services can be accessed, providing a single organization with the data it needs. Cool huh…


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