Wednesday, July 24

I program mostly using the Microsoft paradigm. I do this mostly because the Microsoft paradigm is simpler than most, and is well documented. Even more so because you do not have to understand a lot to understand the documentation. This means that a person without a complete foundation of programming knowledge can go to and find examples of what he wants to do, and make it work without a lot of trouble. And because the documentation is done so well, and the environment is packaged out of site and out of mind, a person like me who has trouble remembering a lot of stuff at once can apply solutions to the problems that he faces.

I guess what I’m saying in the short term is that JAVA is hard to understand quickly because 1.) it isn’t documented well enough for those of us who have trouble remembering a lot of stuff an once, and 2.) because the environment is confusing and difficult to set up and has all sorts of things going on that aren’t explained and cause people like me to be distracted and have trouble focusing on his problem. :)

Having said all that, I love Java, Java is my friend, I will conquer Java, Java will bow before me and call me master… if it’s the last thing i do… or at least until i’m moved to anther project at work… :) happy days… will come again…


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