Monday, June 17

Jon, from over at notes that from what he has heard,

Israel treated just about everybody poorly when they first occupied the land, from Palestinians to Eastern Orthodox types. The Palestinians decided that they not only wanted equal treatment, but wanted to wipe out the Jews to get the land back, too. So, the Jews are not blameless, but the Palestinians have definitely gone too far in their efforts to get rid of them. Does either group “deserve” the land? Both groups have a claim to it — the Palestinians had been there for a long time, and the Jews could claim it as their ancient native homeland.

While talking to a Jewish friend of mine, he noted that, though Israel has taken control of much of the land that the Palestinians live on, they will not annex it and make it a part of their nation. This is because to do so would give the people there, largely palestinians, voting rights and other such privelidges due citizens of a country.

There has been many wrongs on both sides, and because no one party is entirely innocent, there will probably never be peace there. Pride runs to deep in both nations. Pity.


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