Wednesday, April 17

Ok… here is the thing. God is teaching me character. My car is again in non working order. My serpintine belt snapped yesterday. It will cost 300 dollars or so to fix, because it involves replacing my powersteering pump seal. Here’s the thing… i’m begining to wonder if my car is going to be a constant drain. I feel like it is never fixed. I’m gonna become gun shy here in a little while. I could try doing the work myself, and save about 100$, but it would take me three extra days and cause a certian amount of inconvenience to myself and my friends. I don’t mind paying… it’s just that i’m feeling bad about perhaps being a bad steward by not taking the cheaper route, albiet the more stressfull one… All i can say is, thank you God. He knows best i’m sure. I’m gonna learn a powerful amount of character from this car.. i just know it…


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