Sunday, July 21

I’ve been doing some thinking lately, about the contention between Israel and Palestine. I have come to some conclusions, with an understanding that many of the facts and truths of the situation remain hidden.

The event that brought my conclusion to the front of my mind is the insistence by President Bush that Israel withdraw immediately from the offensive it launched 10 days ago. This bothers me somewhat, because, in light of September 11, Bush has no moral ground to ask that of Israel.

Now, there may be circumstances I’m not aware of that change the situation, but if what has been reported is true, then Israel has the same right to defend it’s people as America does. Lets pause and consider for a moment what the primary purpose of a government is for. God gave government the responsibility to protect it’s citizens from themselves and from other people. Therefore there is Biblical justification for a police force and a standing military. When we were attacked, America justifiably stated that terrorism was an act of war on our nation, and declared war on all terrorist organizations and countries that harbored them. This doctrine dictated that we launch an offensive against Afghanistan, which we did, overthrowing the Afghan government, and seeking out all members of the Al Qaeda organization. All of this because about 3000 of our citizens were horribly murdered.

Yet, when Israel is repeatedly bombed by terrorist organizations, the death of Israel’s citizens is unabated, and Palestine refuses to allow the capture and justice of the terrorists organizations involved, America tells Israel that it should make peace with it’s neighbor and appease the terrorist groups, a policy we will not allow under any circumstances in our own country. The Israelites have suffered just as much as America, perhaps even more, for the reign of terror there has gone on far longer, and the threat is closer to home.

According to the available reports, Ariel Sharon ordered the Israel military to seek out and capture terrorist organizations, and to use what force is necessary to insure the safety of it’s citizens. Whatever wrongs Israel has committed, none of them justify the kind of terrorist retaliation it has suffered, and the American government has no right to interfere in the execution of God given responsibilities by a sovereign nation.

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