Wednesday, April 17

Its true, I suppose, that cities never sleep. Always, their busy denizens run from place to place. There is rarely ever silence, nor ever a quiet moment. It is ceaseless, with its malls and bookstores, its banks and office buildings. There is life in the city, yet darkness too. The city, with its constant progress and innovation, for all its city lights and sleepless nights, is slowly dying.

You can see it in the eyes of those people you meet each day. There is an emptiness and a constant running. They run because they have nothing else they can do, and they are searching. Some have given up, failing to see the point of trying anymore. A person can only live so long in constant struggle before he surrenders.

But there is hope. There is a reality that makes full the empty shell that the cities have become. There is a constancy in a constantly changing set of social theories. There is life and peace that will finally bring sleep. They say that cities never sleep, but that isn’t completely true. There is one city that knows rest. It is His city. You can go there, all can, if you will ask. You have only to speak His name openly and admit that you need Him. He will give you reality, life and sleep. Will you speak His name? Will you call him Jesus?


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