Monday, June 17

There are days when things like this just make me excited. There have been times is the last few months since the attack on New York, that I have questioned our Attorney General, and his actions. All that talk about losses of privacy were a little disturbing. But when the Supreme Court struck down a law that would ban child porn because they said it was too strict, I was bothered, grieved even. Pornography is wrong, in all its forms. It is a sinful perversion, that damages all who come in contact with it. It is especially harmful for children. I lost a great deal of faith in our Highest Judical body. But John Ashcroft decided that, if the Supremem Court wasn’t going to defend this nation from such perversion, then he was going to do his best to prosecute all offenders to the very extent of the law possible, and that encourages me. Its about time.


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