Monday, June 17

Have you ever been thrown into a project where you had just enough information to get yourself into a lot of trouble? This is kinda how I feel sometimes, because most of the time I’m doing something new, and although I am familiar with the idea conceptually, I have little experience with actual implementation. The curse of a career not long started since college. Inevitably, I get deep enough into the project that I can’t really back out, and I go through all the design and conceptual work. And each day is one day closer to that time when I am going to have to prove that the solutions can be implemented. Then the day before, I get real nervous and fight worry and such, my confidence in myself being rather low at this point. Then I begin to work through the process of actually implementing the work, and most of the time I find that all along, I have been reading and basing decisions on information gleaned from reliable sources, and that I am capable of doing what I thought. My confidence soars sky high, and for a few hours, I feel much better. Then the cycle starts over again… i love my life… and sometimes i don’t… but most of the time… i do…


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