Monday, June 17

Why do we worry about stuff? I was asking myself this question today, and was wondering why I felt anxious about my car breaking down again, and why I was having such a hard time trusting God. When I thought about it closer, it was the loss of income that bothered me most, and the inability to pay off debts, or do other things that made me worry about my car breaking down. Having your car break down almost always means either a lot of work, or a lot of cash, and in my case also a debt of gratitude to Allen for advising me or helping me work on it. But why worry? Really, if I trust that God will always provide for the things that I need, and if the best place to be is always in His will, then what do I have to worry about. My car didn’t breakdown without His permission. If He wanted me to have more money, He would provide it. If He wanted my car to be trouble free, then He would provide that as well. In the end, all things happen because God allows or causes them to happen, and in either case, neither are my responsibility. I can stand back and be anxious for nothing, taking each seeming hardship as an opportunity to practice faith, prayer, and thanksgiving. Only my pride keeps me from having peace and joy. Pride makes me worry, because only when you have something to protect or defend do you worry, and if I have given everything over to God, then I have nothing, and thus no reason to worry. I say all that to say this, I have been humbled in the past few months, and I will not worry about my car or my money, because I would not be in any other place that God’s will.


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