Monday, June 17

well… i’m all packed and ready to go. just a little less than two days left to go, and we’ll be in the air. i’m excited by the prospect of flying, and getting to see Africa, but at the same time, i am sobered by the responsibility of our task. we have been charged with the responsibility to teach 37 Ugandan pastors how to study scripture. we will be helping to “train the future leaders of the Ugandan church” as my pastor has said. i hope and pray that i will be able to make the kind of impact these men need. i hope and pray God will work in all His awesome power to make this trip successful.

while we are away, we covet your prayers. There will be 11 in the group, Pastor and Mrs Spilger, Naomi their daughter, Joy Morley, Philip Bruza, Mr Todd and his two boys Addison and Isaac, Joshua Christiansen, Randall Coffman, and myself. Our needs are safety while traveling and during our stay, spiritual protection as we teach, provision, and just for God’s power to move on all those involved.

i want to thank all those out there who have given monies and support to help us on our way. we are grateful, and this would not be possibile if not for your generosity. you have a part in this ministry.

Thanks to all,


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