Tuesday, April 16


  1. Jonathon Landell on

    Have some real perspective issues going on here. When picking a focal length, have your mental “pre-image” drive your choice, NOT the distance to the subject. If the distance is too short, don’t waste the film; it looks like your back was up against a wall when you made this shot. If you’re forced to shoot from up close, turn the necessary convergence to your advantage and use a really wide angle for effect… I’d love to see this shot from ground level with a 19mm. :)

  2. Normally I would agree with you whole heartedly Jon, but here’s what I was up against. I only own one lens, yes a sad state of affairs for a photographer, but its what I have to work with. Also consider that I was in London for only ten hours, and I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity shoot a photo of Westminster Abbey. Truth was, I could have backed up, but by dooing so I would have put more sky on either side of the Abbey and I didn’t want to frame it that way. Not having a wide angle lens, my intent was to frame the shot well. Incidently, I was on the ground, and I did wish at the time that I had a decent wide angle.