Monday, June 17

And life carries on, with or without you. Jet lag will kill ya if your not careful. I have been waking up at severely early hours, and been feeling very tired and worn out. Also, a note to those who for whatever reason are taking malaria medicine, never take doxycycline on an empty stomach. Malaria medicine is horrible on an empty stomach. Thing is it doesn’t hit you until an hour or so later, then you get sick to your stomach and at this point you can’t really eat cause your nauseated. <sheesh> Getting back into the work routine is kinda hard, but not too bad. I am extremely grateful to be working for a company with flexible policies and kind managers. When I got in, the next day I called them and told them I would be in around noon. My managers response was, ‘Don’t push yourself’. :)

I’m something of a celebrity now that I have been to Africa. I am going to be speaking to a group or RA’s and GA’s at a friends church, to tell them all about the trip. I am glad I kept a journal and a blog. I’m tired enough now that I have forgotten much of the details of things that went on.

Time to go…


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