Thursday, May 23

Hmm… its the kind of article that demands comments, but i’m not sure where to start. Interestingly enough, the pastor at my fathers church spoke on this topic this last Sunday. The issue of whether the number of times you attend church affects your spirituality is one that legalists get upset about. I agree with Paul Huse.

The pastor quoted St. Francis of Nicee who said, “In essentials Unity, in non-essentials Liberty, in all things Charity”. The day and time a church worships is up to the liberty of that body of believers. The reason for attending a church service should never be to attin some kind of “Godly standard”. You gather together to worship and fellowship. I do not always attend church on wednesdays, for a long time I was unable because I had to work. At times, I have been unable to attend church on other occasions. My motivation for going to church is to support the church, and to fellowship with those people who agree as I do.

I guess what i’m trying to say is, like Paul mentioned, church attendance should not become a thing of legality. Church attendance on any day should spring from a desire to gather together and worship God, to meet with fellow believers and work together to the furtherance of the gospel. But I would examine your motives for not attending a service that your church has. Is there a need for you to be there? To often we decide to stay home because we are to lazy or selfish. If there is a genuine need at your church for the service, and you have no good reason for not being there, then I would encourage you to go.


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