Saturday, May 18

Ever wonder about those chance meetings, and how much affect they have on your life? Yesterday, I decided to go see a movie. Lilo and Stich was pretty good, and I reccomend it for all you family types out there especially. But the movie isn’t what I wonder about. Her name is Sierra.

Sierra is a young lady of 15 who started a conversation with me while I was sitting in the theater before the movie started. She lives somewhere in Ollivette and works at Six Flags. She’s about to be a Junior in High school, and she is unsaved. When I asked her what she would tell God when she stood before Him someday, she was honest and had really no idea. When she asked me what I would say, I told her about Christ and how He came to earth for that very purpose.

I don’t know if she will remember, or if she will think about the question, but a seed was planted that could come to fruition if watered. Sierra needs your prayers.


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