Monday, June 17

Sarah turned me on to this article about an American and her two children who are held captive in Soudi Arabia against their will, while an inneffective American government gives pat answers and sidesteps issues. Now, I’m not one to criticize my government, but something about this situation just bothers me. The fear of not being able to come home is a very real one, and to think that Americans would be prevented because of some kind of supposed custody rights is unthinkable.

Hey Bush, its time these people were taken care of, its time we as a Nation stood up for our own. We are the strongest, richest nation in the world, and we fear no one. We have reached this status because as a nation we have worked hard, we have stood up for the righteous things in this world, and we have looked out for those who were weaker than us. Situations like these should not be left unhandled, to mar the our name.


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