Thursday, May 23

Last night, i had friends over just to visit, whom I get too see only rarely. My friends having been recently engaged and looking forward to being married, the conversation naturally turned to things of that nature. They good naturedly reminded me of some rather offhand comments I had made, quite jokingly of course, about what a wife is good for. I think they took me seriously. So I was called upon to defend my self and was posed a question, ‘What are the top five things that are most important about a wife.’, this in the context of why you would want one, or in what they provide you that you value the most. I was caught with not having anything articulated, though I have thought on the matter, so here are the top five things I think will value most about having a wife, should God bless me with one.

  1. God made Eve because He saw that Adam was alone, and that it was not good. I think I would value most her presence as a companion, someone to share my life and self with, someone with whom I do not have to hold back, someone to whom I can be completely honest without fear of misunderstanding or judgment. Wishful thinking perhaps, but I still hold the possibility possible.
  2. I am very much a passionate person and I find it frustrating at times that I often have no one to direct my passion toward. The joy of making her feel as though she is the most precious thing in the world is a joy I covet.
  3. I want to build a home, and I simply cannot do that without a wife. I want to be able to give my ring to my second born son someday, to hold my daughter in my arms as she falls asleep, to restore an old car to cherry with my boys, and glare menacingly at the first guy to announce intentions toward my daughter. I want the joys and sorrows even that accompany working together with her to achieve Godly children who will go on to do great things, for they will do great things, how could they not with a father like me and more importantly a mother like her. <grin>
  4. It is difficult to express the multitude of things that are important about a spouse. They provide for each other, comfort, support, love, care, encouragement, passion, inspiration, balance, and so much else. I fear I fail to put into words what I want from a wife. I think it is best said that I want a wife so that I may love her as Christ has loved the church, that I may lay down my life for her, not in death but in the living of this time we share on the earth.

humbly yours,