Tuesday, April 16

Blogging on the news This British news site is running a contest to see who is teh best blogger among its readers. The prize is 1000 pounds, and of course notoriety. I think that this kind of trend is smart, considering that blogging is one of the ‘movements’ of todays web and will be around for a long time. Not to mention the potential blogs have for realizing what the net was concieved for, mainly the free distribution of knowledge.

This article on how blogs have helped those with Alzheimers, helps point out one of the key uses and benefits of keeping a blog. The reason I started mine was because I wanted a way to record what I thought and discovered, and I wanted a way to find it later. Time is a natural way of keeping track of things, and with the added ability to search archives, a blog is a fantastic resource for recording what’s important to you. The added benefits of knowing that other people read and appreciate what you write is icing on the cake. I’m glad to see that people are using technology in ways that impact their lives beyond just the ‘cool factor’. Technology has a purpose beyond just business and geekdom. Happy blogging!


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