Thursday, May 23

I was sitting at my computer, falling asleep, wishing I had an excuse to go home. With no such reason presenting itself, I trudged through the rest of the day. Thing was it was only Thursday and I felt horrible. Friday I called the doctor and made an appointment which gave me a reason to leave early, and after spending two and a half hours in the doctor’s office I went home. You see, I had this infection. Not a serious one but a painful one that caused these sores to pop up, and I had one on my thigh just low enough to make sitting painful and sleeping difficult. After the doctor opened the sore to let the infection out and prescribed some antibiotics and narcotics for pain, I felt better. I didn’t do a thing all weekend, or at least I tried not to do anything all weekend, but life interfered.

Friday was pretty uneventful, and Saturday started off in good form. My online study with J. went well, and I was off to a good start lollygagging the day away. I was planning on babysitting my niece and nephew that evening, so I half slept half surfed the Internet for a few hours then took a nap. My brother woke my up when he knocked on the door and notified me that they were there. I let them in and agreed to let them use my car, theirs was giving them problems and they didn’t want to break down while they were out. I had a good time playing with the kids and about 9:00pm I put them both to bed. At 10:00pm I laid down as well, and was woken by a call from my brother, ‘your car overheated and we’re stuck on the highway’. Awesome! So I borrowed my roommate’s car and off I go to rescue my poor brother and sister in law. The night was pretty hot and the humidity made things worse. I got to my brother and we looked at the car. He figured it was a hose near the heater coil; cause steam had come out of the vents inside the car when the pop had occurred. Well, nothing we could do that night, so we rolled up the windows, locked the car, and got everyone home. Bedtime came at about 1:00am. oy.

Sunday morning I called my totally cool car guy friend A. and let him know that I needed a ride to church, and could I tag along with him to his church that Sunday. After letting my church folks know that I was going to be gone, I got ready and met A. Church was great, and I was encouraged. I usually only get to see those people when my car breaks down, but since that happens about once a month I get a pretty cool snapshot view of how they are growing. After church, A. had some things to do, but wanted to look at the car later, so he took me home and later that afternoon picked me up again. We get to the car and check it out. Turns out that my brother was right, and a plastic hose, why Pontiac felt inclined to use so many plastic pieces in their cooling system is beyond me, had broken inside the heater coil. So A. and I crawled under the car and ran the hose from the engine right back into the engine, circumventing the heating unit. This allowed me to drive the car with no heater, not that I need that right now anyway. Mission accomplished, dirty and sweaty, but with car in hand, I head home after profusely acknowledging A. Awesome. Feeling a little to tired to go to church that evening, and it being a little late anyway, I retire early to bed that evening after spending a little time catching up with a friend who just got back from vacation. I love God. I rarely understand the details of His timing, but invariably I end up being blessed. I’m not stressed, just a little tired and wishing I had time to let my emotions settle on a few things. Maybe tomorrow will be a little slower…



  1. jason butler on

    Bummer dude. You kind like my father-in-law. He had a boil and he told us all about it. Except he didn’t get his lanced. No, he let his burst and then described how it ran down his leg. Old people are funny like that.

    BTW I think you and me and A. and M. and J.M. should get together. I just found out that SBC is going to hire me after their hiring freeze. I will see you online.

  2. Great. That’s awesome news. Your right, we do need to get together, but I warn you, getting A. and M. are hard to get.