Monday, June 17
The Winds of Autumn

The winds of autumn press upon the boughs of yonder tree
And all around me midst the yard lies fading greenery
Leaves fall from the laden branches, colors bright and fair
To lie and sleep whilst winter comes and with it frosty air

I love so much the peace and still of Celtic scenery
It sooths my heart and lifts my brow and sets my spirit free
My soul longs for its gentle touch and restful offering
Of autumn winds and fading leaves and quiet genuflecting



  1. Beeeeeeautiful. Have you ever tried an alliteration haiku/senryu, Jason? (If ya need a reminder, alliteration is where all the words start with the same letter. If ya didn’t need that reminder, you can file away this reminder for future reference.)

  2. Alliteration isn’t quite that… it’s more along the lines of use of similar sounds. While that usually occurs in the first letter or letters (whispering white willows)… it can be anywhere (“simplicity plies and unpeels” our souls)! Often, when you find a really beautiful poem, it’s because they use alliteration somewhere in it!

    Beautiful poem you wrote!