Monday, June 17

I can never quite define what it is about Autumn that I love so much. It, more so than any other season, seems to speak to my soul, to lift my spirit and inspire me to creative tranquility. A good friend said once that Autumn is more romantic than the other seasons and perhaps that is why I love it more than Spring. The fading leaves and vibrant colours, the cool evenings and wind that blows across your face and through your hair.

Autumn signifies the closing of the year, a time to rest and reflect on the events that have moved you, a time to gather with that loved one and watch the sun set beneath trees garbed in a golden hue and watch silver skies streaked with dark blues and grays glow with the fiery colours of the sun. Its like the full rich sound of a violin when played soft and low, and like the soft expressive voice of a young girl in love and it reaches into the depths of my soul and fills me with a precious longing I can hardly express. Thank you Father for Autumn.



  1. What distinguishes Autumn from the rest of the year? I think that, largely, it is because it is a time of change. In many ways, it is the time in which living things die, but they go out (and this especially applies to trees) in a blaze of glory. Leaves don’t simply wither and fall off the branches; they transform to colors of crimson and gold before they fall. Nature also unleashes her last store of thunder and lightning before the freezing winter overtakes her. The ever-shifting temperatures and weather of Autumn jar us out of the stagnation of summer, and lead us into the frozen wasteland of winter. I could say something poetic about moving from life to death, but I need to get back to work.

  2. I suppose you could say that Autumn is the time when livings things die, but I prefer to think that it is the time when living things rest. The trees lose their leaves, but the trees do not die, they simply sleep until the coming of spring. Its a time of resotoration of the soul, when the extraneous things of life are shed and we turn to those things which are of true value.