Thursday, May 23

On Sunday evening, I went to see Nickel Creek in concert at The Pagaent here in Saint Louis. It was the first time I’ve seen them live, and they are my favorite band. The experience was better than I could have hoped for. They seem to play openly, honestly, as though they enjoy it as much as you do and are genuinely thankful that you were there to hear them. I wrote down my thoughts and impressions as I listened and thought you might like to read them…

She had a certain dulcet beauty, a delicate yet wild hint in the nature of her step, a soul given over completely to the rich beauty of her violin.

He moved around the stage with a pent up excitement, a barely contained energy that flowed from his fingers as they flew over the strings of his mandolin.

His nature was understated, yet the power of his presence was made known by the rich tones that flowed from his guitar, filling you with wonder and quiet intensity.

The music soared and with it my heart, carried aloft by the grace and beauty of the band. It was as though autumn had descended into the room and God had blessed it.

They closed the concert with Be Thou My Vision, a favorite hymn of theirs. They came out for two curtain calls. I was ecstatic.


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