Thursday, May 23

I just want to say thanks to the two guys at AutoZone who were so much help this evening. You see, I’ve been having car problems… <grin> That isn’t all that odd. It was this hum you see, that only occurred at high rpm’s. Then this morning, my batery light came on. So on the way home from work I stopped at the AutoZone to get my battery and alternator tested. The battery tested fine, and their portable testor wasn’t working, so the guy suggested checking it with an ohm meter. This I did, and it didn’t look like the alternator was producing any power. So I pulled off the alternator there, and they tested it. Apparently the bearings were going bad, and it was definitely not working, so I was provided a new one, free of charge, as it was under warranty there. The new one worked fabulously, but here is the really cool part. Remember that humming I told you about? Well apparently, that was the alternator. Two problems solved in one night and it cost me nothing. The two guys at AutoZone were a great help, and I just wanted to say thanks.


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