Saturday, May 18

Sometimes words just fail. It is a strange circumstance, to find yourself drifting between moments, looking back and looking forward, knowing those things you need to do, knowing how easy it is to forget. Moments like these can feel timeless, while vast portions of life seem as though they were not lived, not in a real way, more like being caught in a current, pushed by unseen forces.

The world is so vast, though we rarely see it, our vision tunneling to the next thing we have to do. So easy to forget, so hard to be content.

He should be enough. Any good at all is more than we deserve. Yet we yearn for more, and perhaps the yearning persists because we do not yet have all that we need of Him. So often mistaken for something else, we desire.

Lies, so many pervade the very air around us. Like a toxic pollution, robbing our soul of the truths it needs to breathe, to live. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Thus we die, slowly, starving for air, and afraid. How can we trust the truth? We have been betrayed so many times by lies masquerading as solutions to our problems. Truly, we are lost. We are trapped. Is there yet hope? Have all been deceived? is there yet one who has not died? If such an one live, we would not cry in vain. A web of lies needs only a truth to be undone. With such a truth there is life, and with life a way to bridge the moments, to experience lasting joy, to have contentedness.


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