Sunday, July 21

Various notes and thoughts from the services today…

Acts 1:8

God is not concerned with telling us about when the Kingdom will be established, God is concerned with us being about the business of receiving the power to accomplish His will that has been revealed to us. That will is revealed to us in the form of commandments, like the great commission, to be witnesses of Him. A witness, is not just a record, but it implies sacrifice, like a martyr who gives his life to show forth the efficacy of Christ.

The secret things are the Lords. It is not given unto us to know the times and the seasons, but we are given power, a power that is not manifested in how you feel, but in what you do and how you live your life. A power manifested in the revealed things. Those are the things that we are to be about doing.

Luke 2:35-40

The eminency of the Lord’s coming.

Three things Satan does in regards to the second coming. He denies it, delays it, corrupts it. The worst is to delay it, not in reality, but in our minds. He lies to us, making us think that the coming will not come, thus tempting us to be lazy and irresponsible with our stewardship.

Faithfulness in faith in obedience produces great and mighty things that we could not imagine. God expects us to be faithful.

Do nothing you would not want to be caught doing when Jesus comes, say nothing you would not want to say, go nowhere you would not want to be when Jesus comes.


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