Thursday, May 23
The Seafarer

I stood beside the deep blue sea
and heard the errant sea gull cry
It was then my heart did sigh
and yearn for foreign lands afar

I watched as clouds hung over head
Crowding close to darkening sky
It was then I did ascry
the ship that sailed round rocky cliff

I cried aloud from sandy shore
and waived my hands to bring it nigh
It was then that I did vie
for berth upon that roaming ship

I sailed that ship around the world
through many journey and lands gone by
It was the life I lived high
Till the day that death did take me



  1. why, … it seems to me like an irish drinking song … maybe perhaps without the drinking
    or maybe with – BARTENDER! … set me up another!

  2. What is this? A poem about piracy without the nasty stuff? A pirate is supposed to rape, pillage and plunder with impunity, not wax poetic about “the errant sea gull cry.” If ever his heart did yearn for foreign lands afar, it was for the gold, matey, not for its beauty. Arrr…

  3. Note: Jon was right… the poem was in its inception more about the love of the sea than piracy… i made one modification and i like it better. thanks jon.