Sunday, July 21

As I mentioned earlier, this last weekend I went to a conference in Lincoln IL. The theme of the conference was, ‘Lest We Forget’. There were several presentations given in respect for our military and those men and women who have through the years been hero’s of our faith. The speaker, Dr. David Gibbs spoke to us during three messages. The first message spoke to me most, and here are my notes from that evening.

Message One: Psalm 1

A blessed man does three things,

  1. He walks not after the council of the ungodly.

    • This ungodly council is anything that you let affect you and can take the form of the books you read, the movies and television you watch, the music you listen to, and the company you keep.
    • What is the council like that you walk in? Is it Godly?
    • If you are determined to walk in the council of the Godly, then scripture must take a high priority in our lives. In comparison to other pursuits, how much do you read your Bible? If you truly believe that the Bible is the only book written by God and the most important book in the world, then the reading and study of it should take a very high priority in your life.
    • Did you know that the Bible can be read twelve time a year if a person will devote 45 mins in the morning and evening to reading it?
    • Proverbs tells us that ‘as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he’. Romans tells us that ‘Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God’. The depth of our relationship with God and the success of our Christian life depends on how much time we spend with God’s word.
  2. He stand not in the same way sinners stand.
  3. He sits not in the seat of the scornful. A scorner doesn’t reject the message, he simply ignores it and does not act upon the truths he hears.

The truth is that I as a Christian often allow the council of the world to occupy the majority of what I take in. I read only two chapters of the Bible a day, and that is very small in comparison to how much time I spend reading other books. It is no coincidence that my faith is as small as it is.

The last message given by Dr. Gibbs pointed out how much we love this world and the things in it. He asked us this question, ‘Would you want Christ to come back… right now?’ Or do we love the things we have in this world or the things going on here. In all honesty, I found myself thinking that, although I want Jesus to come, I do not want Him to come yet. I have hopes and dreams for my life that I am not wiling to give up, that I want to have and enjoy before He comes, and that love hampers me. Because God commands us to ‘Love not this world, nor the things in it’.

So I ask you, where is your heart? Are you looking eagerly for His coming? What kind of council are you walking in?


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