Thursday, May 23

It rained today. The weather is colder, and a fine mist hangs over the skies, reminding me of London. It has been a more comfortable fall, enjoyable more so because the trees are changing color slowly. It’s as if the world is tired and wants to go to bed.

I didn’t really feel like getting up this morning. I haven’t really felt like getting up all week. The colder temperatures, not quite normal for this time of the year, have put me in a winter mood. I have felt like doing nothing but curling up on a big sofa with a book, a fire, and a laptop, spending the days in far off worlds and idle chatter. The Autumn has truly come, and with it the expectation of rest and the desire for deeper more meaningful things.

Joy is an experience that is come by obedience. Truly, it can not be felt with clutter lying between you and God. To gain it we must excercise faith, knowing in our hearts the truth of its existence, and taking hold of hope, reaching out in obedience to God’s will in our lives.

Joy is an experience most deeply felt in Autumn, for in Autumn comes the completion of the year and a time to reflect upon what has gone before. Knowledge that you have traversed thy path with faith and diligence reaps a full reward.

Psalm 126:6 :: He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.


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