Monday, June 17

Grey mist can be a lonely thing, and it seems as though the weather mirrors my mood. It has been overcast for five days, and though I love a grey sky at noon, with the somber colors of a slow moving autumn, I have become tired. It’s at times like these that I ought to visit sleep, but find myself waundering the wakefull dream wanting something, and finding nothing to sate my desire.

The trees have changed their hues slowly, resisting the change of season. The winds blow colder and threaten to bring the soft white blanket of winter upon us before its time. I love it more this way, for when the trees burst forth in the effusion of color, like in most autumn seasons, it lasts for only a short time, leaving the arching stems barren before its time. The color is more sober, far more reflective of the spirit of the season, and for this I am truly glad.

I will sleep early tonight. God says he gives rest to His beloved, and rest is what I seek.



  1. I was driving up Ballas yesterday, and saw a lot of brightly-coloured foliage on my way to BreadCo. I think you’re right that overall, there isn’t a lot in the way of vivid colours, but there is enough of it if you know where to look.

  2. The color is just coming slower than in most years, and lasting longer as well. It’s starting to get brighter and in the next couple week we should see some pretty impressive displays I think.