Sunday, July 21

Have you ever been to an otherworldy place? When time is a passing veil… like the morning twilight, it comes but breifly, to be blown away by the assertion of the morning sun. A time when few people are about, most seeking the solace of their homes and families, and the quiet blankets time in a soft embrace.

I let my mind wander, and I wonder how long certain things will last, and what form they will take as they mature. Nothing stays the same… its the nature of life. If we don’t change we stagnate, so we move on, risking worse for better because risking nothing is to condemn to death all our hopes. But we long to preserve the things we love about the way things are today, so we risk the change with some fear, hoping that what we love will still be in what we change into.



  1. Just read this. I can understand it perfectly! Sometimes I fear change yet at the same time I know that it must happen and if it does not I will be sorry forever!