Thursday, May 23

Sometime during the middle of last week, me and my roomate came up with the idea that we should dress up for the premier of The Two Towers. In just a few short days, the next movie in the continuing saga of Tolkiens masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings, will hit the theaters, and when it does, my roomate will be there dressed as Legolas Faramir. *grin*

We figured that we would get a pattern, find the material and sew one up sat, mon, and tues of this week. All has gone according to plan, though some modifictionc have been made. See… we wanted to be somewhat authentic, and if we were going to put effort into this, we wanted it to be nice. So we decided to buy material that would last, and be useful for something other than a costume, thus wool was chosen. Having made this decision, we discovered that we didn’t have enough money to buy the 5 5/8’s * 2 yards needed to make two cloaks, so only one was purchased.

When I told Mrs. S that we were planning to sew this by hand, she got this look of disbelief on her face. *grin* Granted, I don’t know a terrible lot about sewing, but I hadn’t planned on needing this costume to hold together for more than an evening, whereupon we could rip out the stitching and have it sewn with a lining in a far more sturdier manner, and with more time.

After purchasing the material and pattern, I decided that it would be a good idea to consult with some experienced seamstresses on how to go about understanding said pattern. After a few minutes of trying to explain, E. announced that it would be much easier if we just did the project at her house, and promptly volunteered to help. *grin* Honestly, it wasn’t my intention to have them do it for us, or even help, I just wanted some pointers before I got started. But she was insistent, so off we went.

After some confusion on how to layout the material, and several hours later over two days, we are nearly done. Since we now had the use of a very fine sewing maching (thanks Mrs. S.), we went ahead with adding the lining at the start. I’ve discovered that I like sewing, its rather enjoyable and not too hard at all, though I couldn’t thread the bobbin or set up a sewing machine at this point to save my life. *grin* We should be finishing up the cloak tonight, and I’ll do my best to get some photos of Jon in full regalia for your viewing pleasure as soon as I can.

Till then…



  1. Legolas? LEGOLAS? I think not. I am going to be appearing as the stout-hearted Faramir, thank you very much.

  2. The key difference between the two is this: at the end of the story, Faramir gets a hot woman; Legolas gets Gimli.