Thursday, May 23

Every so often, as we process the workings of the mighty media, we find examples of work that fails to grasp the subject matter being written about. Such is the case with, Bruce Newman, a journalist for the Mercury News. He posted this story detailing his review of The Two Towers. Even among the Tolkien fans, TTT has met with varying degrees of approval, but rarely have I come across such opinion so lacking in knowledge of the subject matter, and understanding of the themes presented in the story.

Dear Mr. Newman, we the people demand better. Such displays of gross negligence are an insult to our intelligence.

If you have a mind, shoot Mr. Newman an email, letting him know your own opinion. I’m sure he would be glad to hear from you.



  1. You know, I haven’t read the books, but I know enough of the story to know that that review stinks and that he doesn’t get it.

    Sounds to me like Bruce is an unhappy peacenik – whether the war is real or fictional. He is from San Fran, after all…that may explain it.

  2. WOW!!!!!
    All I can say is… Wow!!!

    That guy really did not get it. First of all of course it has a lot of plot lines. It is the middle section of ONE count it one book. Don’t worry mister Bruce. They tie it all together in the end. Second of all Tolkein would vehemently deny any type of allegorical comparisons. He was not denouncing technology in his book. He may not have been a big fan of Tech but he didn’t use his book to protest it. He wrote it for himself as a hobby. And Last of All. What is the heck is this reference to the Twin Towers? As if the director and studio could help the subject matter. The Book was written a long time ago.
    To quote most prefaces to any work of fiction. “The events and people in this book are fiction. Any resemblance to real people and events is accidental.” Actually thats a paraphrase but you get the idea.

  3. Oops! Sorry, Rhesa. I didn’t mean to imply that all San Fransiscans aren’t with it…mostly the liberal newspaper types. I spent a couple of years in Northern California, so I didn’t mean that as a slight against all.