Wednesday, July 24


  1. Hey Tapeleg, what is up with that cloak? I mean it’s like “hello I am standing here in a cloak…in the cold…watching da trees”

  2. Do I see a stray blonde hair floating in the air? Would that happen to be our favorite blonde-haired boy in his cloak?

  3. Hey, they’re all picking on you. :) I have no idea who the model is, so take my objective word for it – this is a good shot. Only the necessary detail is shown, which is a tricky piece of work, even in nice snowy weather. I say good show.

  4. still one of the most intriguing shots I’ve ever seen, and definitely one of the best on your site. might even be a bit scary if I didn’t know it was jon :)

  5. Very good. Great background. The person adds depth and wonder to an what would have been a “normal” scene. Good job!