Wednesday, April 17

I don’t recall if I have ever read Neuromancer, though I have heard of it. William Gibson, the author, has a blog though, and that I find terribly fascinating. This is so because I have often wondered what one would look like when written by a professional writer. I don’t consider political pundits and newpapermen as professional writers in that sense, as they sepnd their lives writing short articles, ideal for a blog truly, but often falling short of that full immersion that someone who writes books for a living attains. Specifically, magazine and newsapaper journalists don’t have to constantly consider how to keep someone interested for longer than a few minutes, let alone days on end.

It is just that sort of talent that a successful writer learns, and such a talent that intrigues me when applied to a blog. I would posit, to borrow a term from mcstuff’s new article, that such a blog would be fascinating reading, and much smoother than most. As I have not read Mr. Gibsons’s blog yet, I shall soon see.


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