Saturday, May 18

For those of you who care, which in the case of this post shouldn’t be many, runs on a CMS built by moi, and it’s in need of some improvements, so I thought I’d list them here so I don’t forget… don’t mind me, I’m just ruminating out loud…

  • Currently is several pages of ungly asp embedded html code. It’s about high time I spent some time converting some of my code into more portable functions, as well as seeing if I can’t seperate my html from my code a bit more.
  • Trackbacks need to be added, as mentioned earlier, so look for those soon
  • My admin consoles don’t have spellcheck, and I need spellcheck, so that should be added as well I think.

That seems to be all I can think of for now, thanks for listening…



  1. while i’m thinking about it, the trackback function could use a little bit of ellucidation. I’m thinking that in the admin console, aside from the standard fields, if you wanted to trackback to more than one url at a time, you should be able to easily. to accomplish this i plan to use a text box to list the urls i want to ping with a trackback, dilimited by commas, and parsed out later in the code.

    i’m not sure how to implement the trackback links on the posts… on the one hand, i could put a form up like the comments page, allowing someone to trackback from my website as well as hitting my trackback service.

    i’m torn on how to show the trackbacks, either with a link that opens a popup window, or i could just list them beneath the post if there are any. i’m leaning towards the links being listed under the post.

  2. You know…. the more i think about the trackback function, the easier it becomes to implement. In the admin console, all i have to do is provide a box to stick the trackback url’s in, cause all the other info will be the same, my website title, my blog post url, and the exerpt with is optional but could be parsed from the blog post.

    then i can provide a trackback ping url for each post, and list the trackbacks in either the comments, the blog post, or both, or have a seperate window for them… i’m not sure which yet, but the trackback ping url seems to be the standard.

  3. *ponders that* I wonder how that would translate on the web… perhaps jpeg suckers…. *ponders*

  4. Adding more to the topic here, its about time I added a wml feed of some of the content around here. So for those of you who use web enabled phones, look for an update within the next few weeks of wap enabled content.

    As well, i need a mobile way to update the blog.