Sunday, July 21

Well… I’m back. In retrospect, last week was one of those experiences that you find yourself glad you went through, but are even gladder you’re through with. *grin* To give an idea, for those who have been wondering at my more than usual absence, I spent 115 of the 192 hours available in the last week working. I spent roughly 40 hours running errands, relaxing a bit, going to church and what not, which leaves 4.6 hours of sleep on average. I’ve known people who have done far more, but this poor boy is tired.

Now that I have enough time to think of other things, I wish to offer my condolences to the families who lost loved ones on the Space Shuttle Columbia. It heartens me to hear our President quote from Isaiah. The knowledge that a man of God leads us has done more to encourage me in regards to the fate of our nation than any thing I have yet experienced in politics. For the first time in my life, I fully trust my president. During the last year, our nation has suffered many tragedies, and as a nation we mourn our fallen. At times like these we might wonder why. My pastor, who has suffered much himself, surviving alone a plane crash that left 30% of his body covered in 3rd degree burns, commented that Psalm 11 brought him comfort. In times of trouble and distress, amidst the threat of wars and the rumors of war, we can trust that God is still on His throne. He was here before the foundations and deep were created. He knows all things and works all things toward His end. He doesn’t cause tragedies, for they are the result of the curse of sin, but He does provide a way to survive them. It is with great comfort that I place my trust in His hands, and I pray that He might protect our nation.


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