Wednesday, July 24

I’m goin to New York in a few weeks, and I thought I might get reccomendations of the cool places from those who have been or who live. I’ll post a partial list of places allready reccomended, just for my own records.

Grand Central Terminal, NY Public LIbrary, The Guggenheim, The Metroplitan, Natrual History Museum, MOMA, Battery Park (for view of statue) near Ground Zero, Central Park, Times Square.

I’d be interested in stories about places you’ve been in NY as well, as personal history makes new places more fun. Thanks!’



  1. I’ve been to NYC many many many…to many times, so here is my advice. Learn the subway. Get your day pass for 4 or 5 dollars and a map. You can get anywhere in NYC in about 20 mins on the subway if you know where your going. Also, no matter where you are in Manhattan, if you want to go south, you get on the “downtown” train. If you need to get on the N or R train and need to go south, it’s the “downtown N or R” train. Likewise, if you need to go north, you will need to take the “uptown” train. These signs are posted above the tracks in the subway. NYC is a powerfull city, don’t get to swept away by it.

  2. Loree Ferguson on

    resident of NY: four years.

    I think sometimes there is a forgotten part of New York. I live in it. Potsdam beats the city any day. Canton boasts more snobbery than any newyorker can hold a candle to. DeKalb’s slums make Queens look like a kingdom.

    Personal history: it is my home. That’s personal and it’s my history.

    You’ll have fun. NYC is by far an interesting place. You’ll bring home fabulous photos of great architecture. Close-ups of the faces that make a city run. skeptical skylines. But don’t forget that wool blanketed huddle on the steps of the courthouse – he’s part of history too.