Saturday, May 18

Telemarketers are evil. I’ve had friends remark about this truth, and as I don’t get telemarketer calls because I don’t have a land line, I’ve never had the chance to use this handy little script. You see, telemarketers have a handy little script they use to help them keep on topic and guide you back to their questions. Often times that script gives them an advantage. Well… now the battle is fair…


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  1. I had a telemarkerter hang up on me.

    The story: After finally clearing up all credit card debt, I continued to get information from companies asking if I would like a credit card. The most blatant is Providian Services.

    A couple of days ago, the phone rings and I answer. The woman begins to speak and I stop her and ask her name. She tells me and then she mentions Providian. I tell her, quite nicely, that I am not interested. She demands to know how I can turn down anything when I don’t even know what’s being offered. Once again, nicely, I tell her that I’ve been receiving credit card solicitations from Providian so if the call was about that, then I was sure that I don’t want anything and if it were anything else, then my policy is not to buy on the phone and…. At this point, she hangs up on me. Wow! I think I need to not “have a land line” either. *grin*