Tuesday, April 16

As always, James Lilek’s says what I wished I could have said. Considering the times, movies like We Were Soldiers portray most accurately what it will be like for those who bear the burden of responsibility for protecting their country from selfish and evil men.

While driving to work today, I passed a car on the highway whose license plate indicated the owner had recieved a Purple Heart. It gave me pause to think how grateful I was for all those who in the past have served us, the citizens of the United States and numerous other nations around the world. It becomes difficult to express, and when one thinks about the enormity of the sacrifice some gave, words seem inadequate.

Though inadequate, I wanted to say I’m grateful for those who have served, and do serve in our nations military and emergency support services.


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  1. I agree every time i see one of those plates i try to take a look and guess how that veteran got that award. It is one of those things that makes me question my life and what i do.