Tuesday, April 16

So I heard a joke at work…

So President Bush decides to go fishing and thinks this would be a good opportunity to meet with the Pope. So he calls the Pope up and schedules the meeting. So there they are, out in the boat with the secret service men and a slew of media people were about, and while they were sitting there talking, a gust of wind blows off the Pope’s hat and it lands several yards from the boat and lays on the water. Well, immediately the Secret Service men jump to volunteer to swim out and get it, but Bush says not to bother, and gets out of the boat, walks over on the water, picks up the hat and returns to the boat. The next day the Media headlines read…




  1. Its amazing how succinctly it captures the way he is often treated. Yet somehow he remains untouched by their machinations… w00t!

  2. thinks anybody who thinks that the media doesn’t emphasize the one or to good things and down play the destruction of the constitution wrought by this nazi-like president has not been paying attention to current events.