Monday, June 17

My brother discourses on walks and talks

I mean what if the talk that I am talking is about walking a walk, but if the walk that I am walking is not the walk that I am talking, then there is a problem with my walky-talky.

I especially like his summation and concluding line…

Because no one likes it when you talk one talk and walk another talk, that’s when you talk out of both sides of your mouth. You must talk the talk and walk the walk that God wants us to walk. And the only way to talk and walk that walk, is to walk with God.

Dude… my brother blogs…



  1. Dude, I hope you have his comment system up and running now. I can’t check blogspot sites from school…but I hope it’s up. *fusses*

  2. Read would like to give official credit where it is due:

    For all techical aspects of the internet and blogging site: Jason,
    for inspiration to blog: Jason, and Jenn,
    For pretty much everything: Jason.
    Yeah uhm, my life would be pretty tough right now without my big brother pullin’ me along, so

    Thanks for everything, Bro.!!!!!!!!!