Thursday, May 23


In this article, Pepsi’s new sweepstakes is explained. One Billion dollars of potential prize money could be given away to some very lucky individual. That in itself isn’t the ironic thing. *grin* As with most sweepstakes, Pepsi is paying a company, Berkshire Hathaway to underwrite the sweepstakes and pay out the billion if somebody wins. That isn’t the Ironic thing either. What’s ironic is that Berkshire Hathaway is the largest owner of stock in Coca-Cola. *grin* Coca-Cola is indirectly funding Pepsi Co’s billion dollar sweepstakes… isn’t that nice? (thanks: Anil Dash)



  1. EHH, they’re all in cahoots with one another! I’m sure the billion will never actually get paid out.

  2. Dr. Evil voice: 1 billion dollars! Mwauhahahahahaha!

    Seriously though…all those steps, it sounds like they have no interest in paying it out.