Saturday, May 18

The Disparate Actions of Art and Artists

In art, the artist is constantly questioning the way things are done, they way things are perceived, and the way reality presents itself to man. It isn’t that he doubts reality, or the validity of the traditional forms used to communicate, but it becomes increasingly more difficult to arrest the attention of the human mind in a world rich in expression. The artist thus must seek for new ways of saying things. For truly unique creations are captivating. The constant questioning is a way to break free of the traditional forms, a way to discover the new, the interesting, and the captivating. Most often the artist fails, either in finding something unique, or in finding something meaningful in the object he has created free of traditional constraints. Truly gifted artists, in the sense of being able to communicate uniquely, are able to create a new way, a new form and method that is at once unique, consistent within itself and its meaning, and relatable to the human experience. In the end, such is the purpose of an artist, to communicate. That so many times the general public looks upon art and wonders why so much of it is incomprehensible is a mark of the fact that either artists have lost sight of the communicative aspect of their art, or man has failed to grasp the context of the artists purpose.



  1. It’s a very tough call in the end. As a website designer, there’s an expectation of ‘creativity’ that is functional. In the end, the artist needs to pay the bills (even though the customer wants a boring landscape) and do what is necessary …
    On another note, have you ever heard the song by King Missile called ‘Sensitive Artist’? “… nobody understands me because I’m so deep …” LOL
    There’s always a compromise and hope you find it sooner than later. Good luck.

  2. Well, all I have to say on this subject is that art is relative to your certain frame of mind that you might find yourself in at the current state of time in your life when things are blah, blah, blah…rambles a bit and adds a bit more wordage and that is the reason one needs to find themself in a place of contemplation so that they can sort out the emotions that romp about in the soul when viewing art as a whole.

  3. High art or functional art, I still think the end is to communicate something. The difference is in idea that is to be communicated.