Tuesday, April 16


  1. its awsome to see your mom and dad celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary. i clap my hands!
    i love to hear about longtime marriages.
    my mom and dad celebrate their 37th wedding anniversary this year.
    i am very thankful for them and having the opportunity of being brought up in home of stability with committed,loving,providing parents vs. single parent life.
    family is a gift.

  2. How wonderful! With so many marriages falling apart it is inspiring to know couples who are not only making it but who are more in love with each day. Congrats to them!

  3. My parents celebrate their 24th Wedding Anniversary today. =) This is a day late, but Happy Anniversary to Jason’s parents as well.

  4. That is quite a feet in today’s society. Congratulations to them! I was the only one of my friends back home who’s folks were still married. Someday, I want to be that couple who’s been married for 30, 40, 50 years and still be yearning for more!

  5. Thank you one and all for the kind words of congratulations! My husband and I appreciate it.

    Jason’s mom