Saturday, May 18

Jennifer Anne’s Graduation


I woke up early on Friday morning, the day I flew out to meet Jenn. My roomate Jon drove me to the airport, and with a certain amount of nervous excitement I made my way through security checkpoints, airport gates and airplanes until I arrived in South Carolina. The Bible Belt. And Greenville the Bible Belt Buckle. Greenville South Carolina Airport

I met Jenn at the airport, and with an exchange of hello’s and hugs all around, we were off to explore the depths of Greenville. I was a bit quiet at first. See, I was sick with a cold and feeling a bit reserved. Knowing this wouldn’t do on Jenn’s graduation weekend, and with so many people to meet, I decided on prompt action. Caffiene was called for and at lunch I consumed enough to keep me nicely wired the rest of the day.

With lunch consumed and our acquaintence familiar, we set off to pick up Amber. With much rejoicing and hugs again (at this point I considered giving Jenn another hug, but thought better of the idea. I didn’t want to seem forward. *grin* *ahem*). From the airport the second time, with Amber in tow, we happily made our way through the city streets to the jungle of electronic paraphenalia we like to call Best Buy.

There were many ferocious denizens of the bright blue and yellow jungle, not the least of which was Jenn, who taking offence at being photographed, growled and made faces at us. Seeing Jenn in her natural surroundings was indeed turing out to be an adventure. We tried to save the photo, which in my opinion was rather good, but she stalked us and succeded in mauling it thouroughly. She did indeed buy a camera, a Sony, which she proceeded to have much fun with throughout the next couple days.

We met her parents a little later at her home. Two very gracious and kind individuals who I feel blessed to now know. Her mom is very much like her, incidently. Outgoing and gregarious. I discovered that all the females in her family do that same cute baby talk whenever anything remotely cute is discussed, or when they are trying to be cute to get out of trouble for michstief they’ve gotten into. Jenn’s father is a very lucky and tolerant man. *grin*

After dinner and some trouble with straws, which I still consider a problem that ought to be rectified by the straw packaging industrty, we finally made it back to my hotel, where they dropped me off and we all crashed for the big day ahead tomorrow.

Graduation day was truly an enjoyment. Pomp and Circumstance, seriousness and joy, were all present. Bob Jones University did a fine job and The ceremony was enjoyable. Afterwards we took pictures. Here are a few.

Jenn and her mom, were all together beautiful on this happy day.

Jenn and her Mom

Jenn and her dad both smiling at the accomplishment that both worked so hard to achieve.

Jenn and her Dad

Jenn and Amber looking like the best friends that they are. They will both try to tell you they aren’t pretty, but those of us who now see them know better.


And this one is of Jenn by herself, just enjoying the moment.

Jenn after her Graduation

At her party we all helped. There was much gift opening and laughing and thanking. I discovered that Jenn’s Grandmother, God bless her, makes chocolate no bake cookies just like my mom does. Mmmmmm…. The secret is in the peanut butter. Afterwards we hung out, then had dinner I think. It becomes a bit fuzzy here. Sunday morning was church, and afterwards a quiet dinner with just Me, Amber and the family. The afternoon was sleepy, though we didn’t nap, and with somewhat tired but happy hearts, tinged with regret because I don’t think anyone really wanted to leave, I was dropped off at the airport for my flight home.

Getting home was uneventful, though long. Flights were delayed due to weather, but flying through a storm is an awesome experience that I reccomend to everyone. Late that night, about ten oclock, I got into Saitn Louis. Jon picked me up and took me home. Ah me. I’m so blest.



  1. Further proof that Jason is a flirt:

    "With much rejoicing and hugs again (at this point I considered giving Jenn another hug, but thought better of the idea. I didn’t want to seem forward. *grin* *ahem*)."


  2. By the way, I’m glad you posted and didn’t let Jenn and I do all the work for you, Jason. ;-)