Saturday, May 18

Saturday Drives and Haircuts


Have you ever had one of those days, when there wasn’t a lot to do and you were really enjoying it? I woke up late this morning with only one real task, to cut Jon’s hair. As some of you might know, my roomates hair had grown to quite the length, reaching just past his shoulders. I’m told it was really nice hair, but as many girls can empathize with, it’s hot in the summer. So he agreed to let me cut it. *grin* I cut hair, not often, but I was trained by my mom before I left home, and I will sometimes cut my younger brother’s hair when it needs it.

The catch to cutting Jon’s hair was, he wanted it cut to a length of about five inches. See, I only know one hair style, which is the style my hair is cut in, and that style is short. Styling hair isn’t my profession, but I figured, it can’t be too hard. I did warn him before hand that I could only garuntee it done well if I did it like mine. *grin* So this morning I cut it. It didn’t look too bad. I cut it the same length all the way around. *grin*

So we left the apartment to run some errands and then head to a pool/dart/ping pong tournament a friend had going at his house. It wasn’t until much later in the afternoon that I noticed Jon’s hair got curly at the ends. And gosh if it didn’t look just like the kind of hair cut I’ve seen on many a girl. Without knowing it, I’d given my roomate a Bob. *hehe* It took a lot of will power not to laugh as the evening went on. Fun thing is, he had okayed it after I had finished. He didn’t notice it until much late either. Suffice it to say, when we got home, I did some trimming.

On slightly more serious matters, I discovered that the area just west of Hwy 30 outside of Saint Louis is really beautiful. The land turns hilly around there and many of the neighborhoods have winding roads that go up and down and are covered with trees. Just gorgeous. If you ever have the chance to visit, I simply must take you for a drive around that area.